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Davis Grimm Payne & Marra has provided assertive, ethical and creative solutions to labor issues since 1985.

Union Experience

How we help

Each company is unique. We provide our clients with individualized and practical solutions to their real-world labor problems. We utilize our experience and expertise to help you achieve your goals. We are experienced in all aspects of labor relations.
Industry Experience
Collective Bargaining:

We have negotiated hundreds (if not thousands) of labor agreements with nearly all of the unions in the Pacific Northwest. We are experienced in both traditional and interest-based bargaining, whether we are the chief negotiators at the bargaining table or helping behind-the-scenes. 

Representation Elections:

We have successfully helped clients fight off union organizing campaigns. We provide a strategic, individualized management campaign to maximize your business’ chances to defeat an organizing effort.

Union Avoidance:

Union avoidance should begin before an election campaign has started. We craft specialized plans to help businesses legally avoid unionization.

Grievance & Arbitrations:

We advise clients through the grievance process and represent clients through all aspects of labor arbitrations. We are experienced in handling labor arbitrations in a variety of industries in cases involving discharges, discipline, contract interpretation, scheduling, seniority violations, no-strike violations, and secondary boycott activity.

Labor Disputes:

Labor relations can be easy when things are going well. When they become difficult between a business and a union, a labor dispute may arise. This may involve a labor strike, a secondary boycott, or informational picketing. We are experienced in helping our clients navigate all types of labor disputes.

Unfair Labor Practice Proceedings:

We represent clients before the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), the Washington Public Employee Relations Commission (PERC), and the Oregon Employment Relations Board (ERB) in connection with administrative labor charges.

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